Ring Forest and Reforest Chile

Forests have been the perfect target for many industries around the world for many, many years. Livestock, agriculture, urbanization and even fires have caused extensive deforestation worldwide, deteriorating much of the forested areas on our planet.

Given this, deforestation is currently the second cause of climate change, due to the CO2 emissions that trees emit when they are felled. More than 13 million hectares are annually deforested for different reasons.

And our country is no exception. The indiscriminate felling of trees in the south central zone of Chile has produced changes in the ecosystem at all scales, affecting not only microorganisms, but also ourselves.

The foundationlet's reforest He has been fighting for years to end deforestation through the largest ecological campaign in the history of our country. And we wanted to be part of this beautiful mission so that Chile can once again have its native forests alive.

Theforest ring is inspired by the forests and mountains of our country, and the25% of sales months of this jewel will be donated to the Reforestemos Foundation. This ring represents all the trees that we will plant between us.

To buy the Foresta ring and join this beautiful cause, clickHERE.


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