The grenade

The pomegranate has had a powerful symbolic load in the history of civilizations, and mainly in the history of the Jewish people. This fruit was not only used by the Hebrews as a restorative food after incessant hours of work, or as an offering by the population to the religious authorities when they had to pay the tithe. It was also taken by the explorers sent by Moses to the promised land as proof of the country's fertility; It was considered a reflection of stability and harmony in the kingdom of Israel, and for centuries it was used as a marriage gift as its grains were a representation of family descent, symbolizing love and fertility.

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite is said to have brought the pomegranate tree to earth, and Hades gives Persephorus pomegranate seeds to ensure her return to the underworld and as a pledge of love.

In Ancient Rome, brides' headdresses included pomegranate branches so that the gods would grant them the virtue of fertility. And in Chinese culture, there is a tradition of giving pomegranates to newlyweds as their color is associated with prosperity and good luck.

The pomegranate today represents fertility, prosperity, abundance and wealth. It is the symbol of love, union and fertility, and it is said that eating it visualizing growth in what we want, grants an energy that will allow those wishes to materialize.


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