April's Recommended

Autumn is coming, and it makes me nostalgic to think that summer is gone and the cold and gray days are coming :(
But to pass the sorrows and lift my spirits, I get to work recommending delicious things for skin and hair care after so much sun, pool and rock and roll.
Nothing better than staying in the house getting facials or various treats. So here are a couple of good product facts I've discovered lately:
For my little face:
1. Tonic Rocio (Paihuen).If you haven't tried it, I'm sending you to do it! This is a tonic made in the South of Chile by the expert hands of María José (a biochemist with a postgraduate degree in agroecology and sustainable rural management), which translates into a totally natural product, free of all those ugly things that we don't even want listen (plastics, parabens etc etc) and also works wonders on your skin, because it balances your ph and is used for everything from cleaning, moisturizing, even to hair!. I wear it and I already feel like new.(paihuen.co)
Dewy Tonic
two. Luxury oil (Tessa).Let's continue with something just as good (which actually falls off your goatee after toning you up). This miraculous oil leaves your skin radiant, firm and luminous (not greasy), also made full natural is from Tessa that for me is worth trying (and you will surely prefer them).(tessachile.com)
For my hair: (which is getting longer and longer and Amelia doesn't stop playing with it) :s
3. Solid Shampoo(I vert).I have oily hair and I have gone through a thousand and one different shampoos to try, at first I was somewhat reluctant to get into the new modality of solids, since they make little foam I didn't know if I would like them... but the truth is that yes ..and fed up! It takes getting used to and beware that you get lost among the things in the tub, but the result is atomic. I feel rapunzel. There are for all types of hair and they are made in Concón, super friendly to the environment. (levert.cl)
4. Vegetable Miracle Mask (Davines):Just imagine the smell of this matter! My house is spent for hours and that's worth it hahaha. But apart from that, it is perfect for pampering yourself, you can find it in pichara. And at least Jan has lasted for me because it's very cundorous :)
My sister who has longer hair than me gave it to me and now I consider it a must in my bathroom and beauty sessions (note that it says it is for dry and weakened hair, that's why I only wear it from the middle down ).(pichara.cl)
Natural Tech Nourishing Vegetable Miracle Mask - Pichara
Well, and those are the 4 recommendations that I leave you, to give yourself sweetie this month. And do you have any good information to share?

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