May's Recommended

This is one of the months that I like the most in the year for two extremely important reasons:

It's mother's day and I'm also on my birthday!

Nothing better than feeling pampered and loved.

Thinking that I could write this time in the recommended ones... it occurred to me to share with you.what I love to do with my mom, I mean the top five with your mom!

  1. Nothing but nothing better than a spa retreat to get out of the routine, relax and share with her. My mom is always around monkey playing grandma, moving from here to there between Los Andes and Santiago so nice to be able to stop one day and share massages, champagne and talk <3 . I knew this place a few years ago and I loved it, Day Spa, it is at the top of the Peñalolén hill and you can feel nature and calm. There are different rates and it's cool. (

  1. My mom loves to eat… well, and so do I hahaha, but this experience surpasses the desire to eat and the desire to laugh and dance comes. It is a pasta meeting where, in addition to sharing with other people, you prepare the pasta yourself that you will later eat…I don't tell you much because the truth is that the best thing is to live the experience!! (including the flour in the hair hahaha) I leave the data here (
  1. The other thing I love to do (which is nothing new and I never get tired of doing it) is go out for a drink hahaha. A good cocktail is hard to find and I was lucky enough to come across a restaurant that surprised me. It's called Terraza Mancora and it has a very rich and innovative signature cocktail menu. Besides, you feel as if you were on the beach... and I love the beach <3(​​
  1. If the budget is bigger, or you want to combine mother's day with her birthday, the saint and even Christmas, this is WONDERFUL: a retreat to the om channel. Chaoooo, peace, sea, wind, yoga, delicious food and spa. Without children it is the perfect escape to share with her and be grateful to have her with you. I went once, I floated back, I swear!!(
  1. And on the subject of floating, this last piece of information is by far the strangest and newest thing that I can share with you. And it literally is Float ( They are chambers of salt water where you can float effortlessly for an hour. I swear to you, there is nothing better, it frees you from stress, relaxes your body and relieves body aches and also improves your sleep routine. You and your mom won't believe it!

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