Every day the dispatches are made through the company Envíame, a company in charge of managing the dispatches with the different couriers. They are in charge of managing shipments to different districts of Santiago andChilean cities. Most of the time the Courier used is Starken and Chilexpress for regions and Lollevo for within Stgo.Once dispatched, it will take between 1 or 3 business days in the central zone. In isolated or extreme areas/cities it may take longer. Shipments are not made to Easter Island, Juan Fernández Island and Salas y Gómez Islands and the Chilean Antarctic Territory. For these last places, it can be managed only via WhatsApp as an exceptional case.

Once dispatched, you will receive the tracking number of your order by email where you can track your shipment.

It is your responsibility to follow up on it as well as to receive the product on time and within the period stipulated by the Couriers.

Delacons is not responsible for delays that the Couriers may have, or for the reasons: "wrong address", "closed address", "no one at home", etc. It is the responsibility of the client, that someone is in the house or address that you gave to receive it. If you are not sure; It is best to pick up at the Chilexpress office in the case of national shipments.

Delacons is also not responsible for the loss, damage or return of the product by the Courier due to not being picked up at the branch or receiving it at home.

Delacons will only be responsible for the LOSS of the product when it is the exclusive responsibility of the shipping company. In this case, the same product will be sent subject to stock, exchange or refund within 10 business days once the Courier has informed that the shipment was considered lost. This period can be 30 business days, a time determined by Chilexpress, Starken and/or DHL to open an investigation. In any case, the money will not be returned.

*The Starken company makes two shipping attempts (which are within the payment). If it was rejected on the second attempt due to “there being no one at the address” or “wrong or missing address”, it is returned to Santiago. And a new shipment must be paid.

If you do not receive your shipment within a week, you must contact us.

If the shipment is already paid and the customer decides for any reason to withdraw his order in the workshop, there is no refund of the money for said shipment.

About Free Shipping Offered. All purchases have free shipping except for accessories and chains. Delacons reserves the right to make changes to this promotion when it deems convenient and without prior notice.

Free shipping will be changed to "not free" when there are offers, promotions, etc. when the total value of the purchase is less than 75,000 Chilean pesos. That is, under this amount you must pay shipping. Over 75,000 free shipping will remain.


In the case of shipments outside the country, we have the support and security of Paypal, as a payment platform, and DHL as a logistics and shipping company. Which guarantee 100% the purchase process and its delivery. Deliveries are made door to door.

It is important to note that the customs of the destination country or region may impose customs fees, import duties, taxes and other charges on international orders. The additional charges mentioned above, required for customs controls, are the responsibility of the recipient. That is why it is important that you find out if you do not have extra taxes when you enter our jewels in your country. Since Delacons will not be responsible for said extra payments.

We accept international exchange within 30 days of shipment from our workshop in Santiago. But as a customer you will have to take care of the shipping costs and extra taxes that could occur when wanting to make such a change. You have to keep in mind that, to be eligible to exchange items, they must be in the condition in which they were purchased, with all their parts and documentation. For this we recommend that you write to us or write to our chat first. We do not accept changes in the case of earrings due to hygiene issues. We do not refund money abroad.