This story, my story; Delacons started without realizing it.

If I get romantic, I could say that it all started in 1992. I was about 7 years old when my grandmother (who I love with my life and was and is my second mother) helped me discover the world of beads, taught me to spin , make necklaces and bracelets. I liked it so much that my grandfather donated his desk from the year of the pear to me and I transformed it into my first artisan bench.

I swear on my life, I spent whole days and afternoons with my grandmother making necklaces and she wove (she is the best weaver in Chile). A thousand times, when I was 7/8 years old, we would go by bus from Providencia, where she lived, to Rosas Street to buy everything we needed. That was the best scenario.

I never imagined that 20 years later, I would walk those streets again, between Santo Domingo and Monjitas, looking for supplies for jewelry and also from time to time entering the same gallery in Rosas where I used to go with my grandmother to buy beads.

All my memories as a girl, and especially the mostacillas, I have recorded so close to the surface that I could tell you in detail everything they meant to me.

Now back to the story…..already older, by the year 2013, with 28 years and with the beads in oblivion, I was born one day and out of boredom, I got into jewelry classes. I have always loved jewelry. I always went to decorate myself as an Easter tree. Always using all her fingers for rings, she collected earrings and necklaces of all styles.

Doing jewelry classes was like being in a constant hobby. It was a real love and it happened to me that at the shot I felt and, without knowing anything about anything, I thought: “I'm sure I'm going to like it and I'm going to be good at this issue”. And well, feeling good, I was like this for two years in classes, between rings and conversations and never, ever thinking about making a brand or less, living from this.

Until two important things happened; the first: starting in 2015 I ended up with an ex of many years living together.

Just finished and with an extremely broken heart, I settled in a 2x2 room with all my clothes and my jewelry bench in the apartment of a very rebellious student and 10 years younger than me, my little sister.

And the second: In that room, where a single bed, the jewelry bench and the gas cylinder could fit, was where I decided to start selling piiiiiola, but piooooola, wave almost to recover the invested metal, some rings that I made. I trusted almost everything because I was embarrassed to put a price. But at least he had decided.

At that time, she works full time at a university and she could only give the jewels a little while at night. I had like 1 order per week . And well, after a while, around June 2015, I made an account on Instagram. And the orders began to arrive little by little, but they did not stop arriving. I had to take the bench out of my dwarf room and put it in the living room because it was already becoming very chaotic working next to my bed. and after 5 months I changed my apartment to live with some cousins. My room there was even smaller, it only fit a single bed , NOTHING ELSE I SWEAR, but the living room was big and my jewelry bench fit perfectly in one corner, so everything else didn't matter.

The requests were already many, and it happened that I had to ask the university where I worked that I needed a half day off and thus use the afternoon to make rings. I began to fall out of love with my classic job at the U, and falling madly in love with working in jewelry. I still thought that I couldn't live on this .

And well, about 6 months passed, I went to live in the Italia neighborhood (yeah, I went out every night) and I went there alone. There my piece was already big, and my jewelry bench was still in a place in the living room where I produced and produced. That same year I stopped working at the U (after 6 years they invited me to leave ) and it was at that very moment that I decided that now was the time!!!! I didn't look for anything wrong with me (I'm a psychologist and I just finished my degree in pedagogy in English but I didn't want to do any of that) and I decided, with enormous confidence that I still remember how safe I felt, that I was going to try to live 100% selling jewelry. At that point in my life I was almost 31 years old, I lived alone and I also supported myself.

After a year I moved house,

I went to live with a friend in these Pereira law houses and it was there where I FINALLY had my own “workshop piece“. EXQUISITE was being able to separate things. I no longer had to work next to my bed, nor next to thedinning room . After that house, we leased with my little sister (the same rebellious student, and now I joined her rebelliousness) a graaaaaande apartment and I already had my workshop there, although it was in the smallest room. After a few months, I got pregnant with María Gracia (that's another story ) and before she was born my sister migrated from that apartment and her piece (which was exquisite) I turned into a workshop. It had its own terrace and its own beers!

I was there for a year. And I felt that it was the best space. Until he was small. We moved to another Dept. Even bigger. And there the workshop piece was also delicious and when everything was going from strength to strength,PANDEMIC. Confinement.I launched the website which was amazing to him. I think I was lucky to release it so fortuitously at the best time! But, I went crazy working .

Since I couldn't have my assistants, I had to do everything by myself as in the beginning of time, but multiplying the load by 100 . I organized myself to have two shifts every day. The one during the day, where he made the Jewels, and the one at night; where I did the shipments and post-sale (and administrative procedures too). I just summarize that I was from April to September going to bed at 3-4 am every day. And sum, that during the day I was also with Maria Gracia (Women of the world, we deserve everything and every day)

In September we are released and finally finally FINALLY! I take the step to remove the workshop from my house and rent something outside. It was hard for me because I didn't want to leave María Gracia, so the only condition for having the workshop outside the house was that it be next door and I could walk . The universe heard me so loud and fast, that in 3 days I had already signed a lease IN FRONT of my house. LITERAL. It was 30 steps with cuea.

I had to hire two people to help me, Cri and Coni G. Then the third came, Emi. And so the 4 of us went until January 2021. Where they kicked us out of that Department for making a lot of noise with the blows , and luck on my side again, we found the most incredible workshop of all, 120 square meters and also IN FRONT of my house. Three blocks away. 2021 brought us infinite good things. New challenges arrived, new jewels, new helpers, La Pao and Ale, and Coni G also left. . Other assistants came again and so we continued to grow.

I look back and I feel like it's been a long time since DELACONS was just about me making the jewelry, from the 2021 running of the bulls killing me day by day to get theStock, since I worked on a tiny piece and my jewelry bench. But no, noor it has been a long time, it has only been to work hard, to work constantly, to work with love, with respect, to work intelligently, to work for pleasure, to work sleepy and tired but also, trgo down happy

It's been nice to get the shit out to see where we are today. Nothing has been luck, everything has been work and decision making. Good decisions.

I never thought and least of all imagined that I would dedicate my life to this beautiful trade (and I only know a part of goldsmithing), and also that I would be so happy building a brand.

And well… there is still a lot to learn and a lot to do and I hope that we do not run out of ideas or the desire to continue creating! ❤️

Delacons is a 100% Chilean brand. We work with Chilean goldsmiths, creating mostly handmade jewelry in collaboration with expert casting masters. We are a brand Made by Hand, Made in Chile and Made with Love. In an effort to reduce our impact on the environment, much of the jewelry comes from recycled material, which we use ourselves and then send to refine and melt down to make the necessary casting.

All the jewels that are created in our workshop are made of 950 silver and 18 K gold.