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In the case of national shipments, dispatches are made every day through the company Envíame for regions and TeloLlevo or another similar private company for Santiago. Send me and the other companies are in charge of managing shipments to different districts of Santiago and cities in Chile. Most of the time the Courier used is Chilexpress and Starken. The Pyme Telollevo y Pymex is private.

Once dispatched, it will take between 1 or 3 business days in the central zone. In isolated or extreme areas/cities it may take longer. Shipments are not made to Easter Island, Juan Fernández Island and Salas y Gómez Islands and the Chilean Antarctic Territory. For these last places, it can be managed only via WhatsApp as an exceptional case.

It is not sent to pay. All shipments must be paid at the time of purchasing a product. But it can be sent to the Chilexpress office address of your choice.

Once dispatched, you will receive the tracking number of your order by email where you can track your shipment.

In the case of international shipments, these are made once a week under DHL logistics. We have an express delivery agreement and the rate is reflected at the time of payment. There are no shipments payable. You will receive an email notification with a tracking number.


It is your responsibility to follow up on it as well as to receive the product on time and within the period stipulated by the Couriers.

Delacons is not responsible for delays that the Couriers may have, or for the reasons: "wrong address", "closed address", "no one at home", etc. It is the responsibility of the client, that someone is in the house or address that you gave to receive it. If you are not sure; It is best to pick up at the Chilexpress office in the case of national shipments.

Delacons is not responsible for shipping costs when a product is returned for non-conformity. All these expenses are borne by the client. Delacons will only be responsible for shipping costs, when the product fails or we have sentsomewrong product.

Delacons is also not responsible for the loss, damage or return of the product by the Courier due to not being picked up at the branch or receiving it at home.

Delacons will only be responsible for the LOSS of the product when it is the exclusive responsibility of the shipping company. In this case, the same product will be sent subject to stock, exchange or refund within 10 business days once the Courier has informed that the shipment was considered lost. This period can be 30 business days, a time determined by Chilexpress, Starken and/or DHL to open an investigation. In any case, the money will not be returned.

*The Starken company makes two shipping attempts (which are within the payment). If it was rejected on the second attempt due to “there being no one at the address” or “wrong or missing address”, it is returned to Santiago. And a new shipment must be paid.

Lollevo and Pymex, being a personalized service, make only one Send Attempt. If the person is not there, a new shipment will be charged.

If you do not receive your shipment within a week, you must contact us.

If the shipment is already paid and the customer decides for any reason to withdraw his order in the workshop, there is no refund of the money for said shipment.

About Free Shipping Offered. All purchases have free shipping except for accessories and chains. Delacons reserves the right to make changes to this promotion when it deems convenient and without prior notice.

Free shipping will cease to be free when there are offers, promotions, etc., when the total value of the purchase is less than 75,000 Chilean pesos. That is, under this amount you must pay shipping. Over 75,000 free shipping will remain.


In the case of national purchases, once you make the purchase, you have 7 business days from when your package arrived at its destination, regardless of whether you have received it or not, to be able to make a product change. In the international case, you have 30 days from when the order was sent to its destination to make a change. The product must be new, unused and in perfect condition and with its exact packaging as it was sent. And once the product has been received at the origin, there will be a maximum period of 10 business days to send the changed product back.

You can change without cost for the same model, or for one of equal or greater value, paying the difference. If you prefer a product of lower value, the difference in money will NOT be refunded, so you must add another product to equal or exceed the balance.

The changes apply to all the stock available on the website, LESS the jewelry and/or NEW products. The NEW category is available on the website, and has a duration of 1 month from the published date.

The cost of shipping in case of change must be paid by the customer, or you can do it directly in our workshop.

Rings are NOT exchangeable under any circumstances.For reasons of health and hygiene, no type of exchange or refund will be made, whatever the reason. (The change will only be made if the rings arrived failed)

On the value of the purchased product, the real price paid is considered.

To make the change, you must contact us at the after-sales phone number that is in the ig profile.


In the national case, only due to product failure or non-compliance with the delivery deadline can a refund be made. It must be notified within 7 working days after receiving the shipment. To make the money refund, you must contact us via email or WhatsApp,present the ticket or exchange ticket, and send or deliver the product in its original packaging, unused and in perfect condition, and once received and checked that everything is ok, the money will be returned within a maximum period of 10 business days.

In the case of international purchases there is no refund.

(Personalized jewelry has no change)

In the event that the product is not in perfect condition, has damage or it is noticed that it has been used, the money will not be refunded, and the product will be returned to the customer in the same way it was sent for the first time.

All product changes are subject to stock.

Changes or refunds do not apply to jewelry made to order or personalized, such as rings made to order, hand-woven bracelets, engraved medals and engraved slaves. The change of these products requires doing it again from the beginning losing all the time and material previously used without the possibility of resale. There is also no exchange or return in the case of products that have been sold at a discount due to some damage and/or flaw that are purchased in that condition, the product will not be exchanged, nor will the money be returned.

The customer is the one in charge of sending the product to our workshop for evaluation and subsequent refund of the money, which will be made within a maximum period of 10 business days.


All our products are covered in accordance with the legal guarantee established in article 20 of the Consumer Protection Law.

In this way, if your product fails within 3 months (90 days from the date of purchase) you can choose one of the following options:

  1. a) Opt for the change of the product. (Subject to stock)
  2. b) Request free repair of the same.
  3. c) Request a refund of the amount paid for the product.

DELACONS SPA will opt for any solution chosen by the client, reaching the best agreement for a prompt solution to the problem. It is important to point out that the guarantee set forth above only applies in the event that the customer has not incurred fault or negligence in the use and care of the product or the basis of the failure is due to natural deterioration due to use.

In this way, damages caused by misuse of the product are excluded from any guarantee: breakage of necklaces or chains due to pulling or external force, scratches, bending or breakage of ring bodies, slaves, earrings and any piece of our jewelry.

Any breakage of stones due to falls, crushing or external pressure on the product is also excluded, as well as the natural darkening of silver due to use, contact with the air, PH of the skin of each person, among others that are a consequence of a Totally normal process. The foregoing is merely illustrative and is not due to exhaustive reasons or causes that imply exclusion of the product guarantee, for which there may be more. The foregoing will be evaluated using good judgment and diligent reasoning.

Consequently, if your product has failed, please carefully consider the real reason for it, since as a company it will be sent to the workshop to discover the exact reason why the product has failed. In this way, if it is established that the reason for the failure was the fault or negligence of the customer, the legal guarantee will not be applied.


The prices displayed on the website comply with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights. However, the company reserves the right to make changes to offers and prices without prior notice. The foregoing shall not apply to ongoing orders. In order to make a purchase on our website you must be over 18 years of age or act on behalf of an adult.

Delacons will not be liable to you or any third party for any modification, price change, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.

In the event that the price of a product, due to an involuntary error by Delacons, is published at a price lower or higher than its real value anda customer manages to buy such a product before the correction, Delacons has the right to cancel the sale, making the return of the money paid by the customer, since the published price does not correspond to the real value of the product.


1. The discount coupon that is granted to all those who register with their e-mail when entering the web page, and that can be used in the first purchase, is unique and exclusive per customer. In the event of discovering that the same person used different e-mails to access that discount coupon, it will be considered fraud and Delacons has the right to go to court to report this crime.

2. All discount codes or automatic discounts applicable to purchases received from promotions, campaigns, trivia, Club Delacons, etc. may be used throughout the web except for products labeled "New" (See What's New collection). These products remain within the new category for one month, as exclusive and do not apply to changes of previously purchased products.


All jewelry made by Delacons is 100% handmade and also through molds in its casting use. We use noble metals, natural stones, laboratory stones and crystals. Everything is made with love, so they all always need special care and that you treat them well.

The silver I use is 950 SILVER. This means that it is made up of 950 thousandths of silver and the rest of another metal, which is usually copper.(95% pure silver and 5% copper).

All chains and some electroforming (inflated silver) bracelets are made of 925 SILVER. (92.5% pure silver and 7.5%). The chains need to be made of this alloy because it gives them strength. The chains (except for the handmade ones) are purchased from Italian chain suppliers.

The stones and/or crystals can vary from one color to another, since one stone is never the same as another. Therefore, a product published with x stone may not be the same tone as the stone of the purchased product. Also, your computer monitor's display of colors is not guaranteed to be accurate.

There is no guarantee that the quality of any products, services, information or other material purchased or obtained by you will meet your expectations.