Purposes and Values

The main purpose of Delacons is to see your personality reflected in our jewelry, to be able to reach each one of you with a reason for expressing freedom more than just for pleasure.

We are motivated to learn about trends and be able to adapt them to the feeling of carrying a jewel with personality and aesthetics. We try to create jewelry from simple concepts and transform an idea into an object that can be within the reach of many.

Most of the creations come from one's own intuition influenced by the Cosmos, the Moon being the main muse in most of the jewels that were made. We are also inspired by astronomy, the occult, symbolism, alchemy, geometry and also myths and legends.

Delacons is a 100% Chilean brand and everything is made in Chile (with the exception of chiches and certain specific figures which are purchased for the purpose of casting reproductions). We want to continue working in Chile, with Chilean goldsmiths producing jewelry by hand with the help of expert casting teachers. We want to be a brand with a relatively massive reach without losing the Made by Hand, Made in Chile and Made with Love.

In an effort to reduce our impact on the environment,Many of the jewels come from recycled material, which I use myself and then send to refine and melt to achieve the necessary casting.

All the jewels that are created in my workshop are made of 950 silver and 18 K gold.


Hello! Although I was born in Santiago and lived until I was 12 years old on the most beautiful street in Providencia, those named after flowers :), I am very much from Pueblo, from my parents' hometown, Los Andes. My first "jewelry bench" was my grandfather's desk when I was a child (and it still exists) where I settled with my beads and strings that I bought on Rosas street, I had it at the age of 7 in my grandparents' house, and sold "free" necklaces and bracelets to neighbors. When I was 12 years old, I went to live in Los Andes with my family, with the excuse of my parents that life was better there, with cleaner air and more nature! So the trips to Rosas and the mostacillas were forgotten, because there was only fields, weeds and many little bugs.

That helped, among many things, to always be looking for something entertaining to do and create. Growing up, I was in mosaic, furniture, stoneware and photography classes, until 2014 when metals finally arrived.

Although I am a psychologist and English teacher; These trades never managed to fulfill the feeling of happiness and love at work. NEVER! This until 2014 when I was in front of a real jewelery bank; there everything changed.

My inspiration is aesthetics for simple shapes and lines, the Universe and its symbols, the Moon above all. “To be able to create something that you have in mind, to be able to really touch and contemplate that idea, is incredibly magical”