Pandora White Agate Necklace


Pandora and Hope necklace, from the Greek Myths Collection.

Amulet over Hope

From the Greek Myths collection, and taking ideas from the Jungian Tarot (it is based on archetypes and interpreted in Greek myths) is that I wanted to make the Star Card!
And this card of arcane 17 of the tarot is represented by the story of Pandora.

✨ On an inner level, the image of Pandora and the Star of Hope is a symbol of that part of us that, despite a setback, a depression or a loss, can still cling to a meaning and a future that could overcome the misfortunes of the past. The star does not represent a solution to problems, it is a WAIT card.

Hope appears as a female figure, it is the irrational side of us, intuition.
Hope does not make the plagues go away, nor does it undo Zeus' vengeance, but in some mysterious way, it provides faith and that is why in Pandora's image her eyes are fixed not on misfortunes, but on that vague irrational, inexplicable feeling. that the dawn will soon arrive.

This kind of hope has nothing to do with planned expectations. It is related to something deep within us, which we sometimes call the will to live, and that despite being a subjective experience, without any visible and concrete reason, can often make the difference between life and death.

Hope is a deep and mysterious thing, because it seems as if it could transcend everything that life throws at us in the way of catastrophe. If the person is able to perceive hope, then their response to difficulties will be radically transformed ⭐️
(From the Mythical Tarot book, I took the trouble to transcribe it by hand because I couldn't find it on google, so read it

950 Silver. Nickel Free

Stone:white agate

White Agate is the stone of faith, purity and peace.It brings peace and security. It is a symbol of temperance, releases stress and increases stability. This stone has the property of protecting children, infants and pregnant women, helping to repel negative energies that can affect the mother and child during pregnancy and lactation.

Related signs:Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius.

Does not include chain. but you can addTourbillon Chain and choose the length according to its price.

Important:All stones, being natural, unique and unrepeatable, can vary in their shape and color.

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